Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis Team

Given the important played by genetics today in the treatment of infertility, GENERA Centers can rely on a team of specialist biologists and geneticists specialized in the study and application of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Internationally recognized for its excellence, the team boasts collaborations with the most important laboratories in the sector in the UK and US, the use of cutting-edge methods and instruments and a significant contribution to major scientific publications.

Dr. Antonio Capalbo


Antonio Capalbo
Responsible PGD/S programme GENERA centers.

Scientific and Laboratory Director GENETYX, molecular genetics laboratory.

Dr. Danilo Cimadomo


Danilo Cimadomo
Molecular biologists and Phd candidate

Dr. Emiliano Scepi


Emiliano Scepi
Molecular biologists and Phd candidate