GENERA center in Veneto

Genera Veneto was established in 2007 to promote the development of reproductive medicine and biology. The GENERA team in Rome (gynaecologists and embryologists) work in collaboration with Marostica’s professionals and travels to the Marostica facility during the treatment cycles.

The Center is recognized for its excellence thanks to the professionalism of the staff, the use of cutting-edge equipment and sophisticated laboratory procedures. The center is also ISO 9001:2008-certified and has obtained certification of conformity by the Veneto Region – CNT pursuant to the requirements provided for in Legislative Decrees 191/2007 and 16/2010.

Booking and Registration

Access to services takes place by booking with an operator of the Admissions office.  Patients are asked to bring previous clinical exams at the first consultation.

The center is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Secretary’s Office Tel.  0424 72799 · Fax 0424 470288


In addition to clinical aspects, great care is paid to the admission of patients ensuring needs ofprivacy and a professional nurse assists the more specifically clinical aspects and pre- and post-procedure care. In this case too, couples will find special and welcoming rooms.


Medical Team

Clinical Director               Dr. Filippo Maria Ubaldi
Medical Director              Dr. Bartolomeo De Vivo
Laboratory Director       Dr. Laura Rienzi


  • Filippo Maria Ubaldi

Gynaecologist, Clinical Director

  • Laura Buffo 

 Gynaecologist, Physician in charge of treatment

  • Antonio Ciconte 

 Gynaecologist, Physician in charge of treatment

  • Cinzia Gentile 

 Gynaecologist, Physician in charge of treatment

  • Antonio Gugole

 Gynaecologist, Physician in charge of treatment

  • Silvia Venanzi 

Gynaecologist, Physician in charge of treatment



  • Laura Rienzi 

Biologist, Laboratory Director

  • Sara Bertelle 

Biologist, Laboratory contact person

  • Ludovica Dusi 

Biologist, Laboratory contact person

  • Benedetta Iussig 

Biotechnologist, Laboratory contact person


  • Ermenegildo Lunardon

   Chief Nurse

  • Antonio Munari


  • External consultants:

urologists, psychologists, anesthesiologists

Operating Theatre and Laboratory

The Center has three main units:

  •   1 Operating theatretheatre
  •   1 IVF laboratory
  •   2 recovery rooms

operating theatreoperating theatre

Genetyx Laboratory


Schermata 2015-05-08 alle 12.40.03

The GENETYX Laboratory was founded in 2013 to specifically address need for accurate and state-of-the-art genetic screening that combines the principles of ethics with the highest technological standards available in the field of genetics.

The possibility to have a multidisciplinary staff allows targeting genetic screening to the real needs of a patient.

Genetyx is organized into patient reception, external sample acceptance, sampling of biological material on site, laboratory analysis, and pre- and post-test genetic counseling.

For more information see  GENETYX


The Team

The Genetyx staff is composed of physicians and biologists of proven professionalism specialized in molecular biology and human genetics and specifically trained to provide the services offered.

  • Antonio Capalbo 

Laboratory Director, Biotechnologist specialized in Medical Genetics

  • Danilo Cimadomo 

Molecular Biologist

  • Ludovica Dusi 

Molecular Biologist specialized in Medical Genetics

  • Cristina Patassini 

Molecular Biologist

  • Cristina Poggiana 

   Molecular Biologist

  • Emiliano Scepi 

Molecular and Cellular Biologist

External consultant:

  • Daniela Zuccarello 

Medical Geneticist





Via E.Fermi,1
36063 Marostica (VI)
Tel. 0424.72799 – 0424.471632