Rossella Mazzilli



From November 2016 to today

PhD in Endocrinological Sciences, with specialization in Reproductive Biotechnology, at the University of Rome “Sapienza”, director Prof. A. Lenzi

May – November 2017

Specialization course in “Biotechnology of human reproduction” at the University of Padua, director Prof. A. Ferlin.

7 July 2016

Specialization in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases with 70/70 cum laude

discussing an experimental thesis entitled: “The impact of the male factor in in vivo and in vitro fertilization: demographic, seminological and genetic aspects”, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Supervisor Prof. A. Stigliano, Co-Advisor Dr F.M. Ubaldi.

From June 2011 to July 2016

Specialist Doctor at the School of Specialization in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases – University of Rome “Sapienza” – A.O. Sant’Andrea. Assistance activities at the Department of DH and Endocrinology, Endocrinological ultrasound service, Department of DH and Diabetology, Andrology Unit, seminolgia and andrological ultrasound laboratory.

April 2016

Theoretical-practical course of semiology at the Department of Experimental Medicine – Section of Medical Physiopathology. Responsible Prof. L. Gandini

March 2011

Qualification to practice as a surgeon (n. 58651).

September 27, 2010

Degree in Medicine and Surgery with 110/110 cum laude with an experimental thesis entitled: “Environmental factors and decline in male fertility: myth or reality?” Sapienza University of Rome, Supervisor Prof. V. Toscano.

September – November 2010

Post-graduate internship at: UOC Endocrinology A.O. Sant’Andrea; Endocrinological Surgery – II Pavilion

Policlinico Umberto Basic Surgery and Medicine.

September 2006- September 2010

Elective internship at the UOC of Endocrinology, Andrology and Diabetology, Laboratory of seminology, andrological ultrasound and thyroid ultrasound – A.O. Sant’Andrea.

Elective internship at the Molecular Endocrinology Laboratory – S. Pietro Hospital in Rome.


Scientific high school diploma with 100/100 marks.




From February 2017 to today

Specialist medical activity – freelance, Endocrinology and Andrology discipline, at the Medically Assisted Procreation Center – Genera – Valle Giulia Clinic, Rome.

From December 2016 to today

Assistance activity in the Endocrinology / Andrology branch at “Sapienza” University of Rome, A.O. Sant’Andrea.

July-September 2016

Temporary professional assignment at ASL RM-G in the branch of Endocrinology. Temporary professional assignment at ASL RM-A in the branch of Diabetology.

June-December 2015

Internship at Genera Medically Assisted Procreation Center – Rome.

Responsible Dr F.M. Ubaldi, Laboratory – Head of Dr. L. Rienzi.

March-July 2014

Internship at:

– IFO – Regina Elena Institute – Rome, Oncological Endocrinology Department. Responsible Prof. M. L. Appetecchia.

– San Camillo- Forlanini Hospital, Endocrinology and Medical Genetics Department, Sexual Differentiation Disorders – Rome Responsible Prof. E. Fidotti.

– Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital, Pediatric Endocrinology Department – Rome, Endocrinology Department. Responsible Prof. M. Cappa.

– Regina Apostolorum Hospital, Department of Endocrinology and Diabetology – Albano, Department of Endocrinology and Diabetology. Responsible Prof. E. Papini


Co-investigator in a comparative multicenter study in diabetes (GALAPAGOS) at the Medicine-Diabetology UOC – A.O. Parodi Delfino – Colleferro (RM), in charge of Dr. R. Pastorelli.




Lazio Androyoung Regional Secretary (SIAMS)

Member of the following scientific societies:

SIAMS SIAMS-Androyoung








-Winner “Lidio Baschieri Prize” for the best thesis of Specialization in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases.

-Scientific research activity in the andrology and endocrinology field and collaboration with various scientific publications in national and international journals.

-Participation in the drafting of chapters of scientific books and computer texts.

-Participation as moderator or speaker at various national and international conferences.

-Presentation of various oral communications at national and international conferences.

– Excellent scientific English knowledge

– Lecturer in the course: “Master on eating disorders”, head of Prof. D’Ecclesia, at the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology of the University of Rome, “Sapienza”, A.A. 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.

– Professor of Endocrinology in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technical Degree Course, President Prof. P. Girardi, A.A. 2016-2017.