Maria Giulia Amendola

Maria Giulia Amendola



2017- On going:

PhD in Clinical Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry University of Rome “Sapienza”, Italy.

2014- 2015:

II level University Master Course “Medicine and Biotechnology of Reproduction”

University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy.


Qualified as a Professional Biologist

Second University of Naples “SUN”, Italy.


Master’s Degree in Cellular, Molecular and Medical Biotechnology

University of Rome “Sapienza”, Italy;

Final Mark: 110/110 with honours.

2008- 2011:

Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology University of Rome “Sapienza”, Italy; Final Mark: 109/110.


High school diploma

High school “Leonardo da Vinci”, Salerno, Italy;


Final Mark: 83/100.
GESE Grade 7 Certificate, Trinity College London.



Mother tongue


Independent User


-2018- On going: Clinical Embryologist at “G.en.e.r.a” Centre for Assisted Reproduction


Private Hospital Valle Giulia, Rome, Italy.

Clinical Embryologist at “PMA Nuova Villa Claudia” Centre for Assisted Reproduction

Private Hospital Nuova villa Claudia, Rome, Italy.

– 2015- 2017:

Clinical Embryologist at “FertiClinic-Casa di cura privata Villa Margherita” Centre for Assisted Reproduction

Private Hospital Villa Margherita, Rome, Italy.


Internship at the Laboratory of Reproduction Biotechnologies

San Giuseppe Moscati Hospital, Avellino, Italy.

Scientific Resercher at the Laboratory of Immunology and Immunopathology

Department of Molecular Medicine- University of Rome “Sapienza”, Italy.

– Conference hostess for ”Hostess&Promoter” action marketing agency. – Waitress and bartender:

Levante, Canary Wharf, London, UK. InfarinaRe Restaurant, Rome, Italy

Background actor in the film “L’ultima ruota del carro” producted by Fandango SRL. Employed from Start SRL for the exposition “Boldini e gli italiani a Parigi”

Chiostro del Bramante museum, Rome, Italy.


Social: Class President during two years of high school “Leonardo da Vinci”, Salerno, Italy. Sports:

-2000- 2010: Horse riding, national competitions. -1995-2002: Professional Gymnast, national competitions.


Medical Assisted Procreation:

Knowledge and compliance with quality control, ethical issues and rules governing the manipulation of gametes and embryos; Management of gametes and embryos transport between centers; Monitoring and maintaining cryobanks; Care and maintenance of equipment; Compliance with disinfection and decontamination procedures; Control of environmental and culture media conditions; Management and control of alarm systems; Competence in treating samples of infected patients; Knowledge of PGD / PGS procedures; Continuous updating in the field of human reproductive biology, embryology and infertility (SIERR and ESHRE member).

  • Embryology: Culture media preparation for gametes and embryos; Oocyte Pick-up; Oocyte denuding and intracytoplasmatic sperm injection (ICSI); Monitoring embryo development; Selection of embryos suitable for transfer; Assisted hatching; Embryo transfer; Embryo/Oocyte freezing and thawing.
  • Seminology: Semen analysis and preparations; Intrauterine Insemination (IUI); Sperm evaluation and treatment after epididymal and testicular extraction (TESE, MicroTESE, PESA, MESA, FNA); Sperm/ TESE / PESA freezing and thawing; Infected sperm washing; Sperm recovery from retrograde ejaculation; Sperm selection for ICSI from semen with severe OAT; Sperm vitality test; Sperm DNA fragmentation test; Sperm nuclear chromatin decondensation test; MAR Test.

    Molecular biology:
    Purification of Nucleic Acids; DNA-PCR; RT-PCR; Electrophoresis in agarose gel; Bacterial transformation; Preparation of plasmid DNA (mini- and maxi-prep); Enzymatic digestion; Molecular cloning techniques; Western Blotting.

Cellular biology:

Basic cell culture technique; Routine maintenance and storage of cell lines (adherent, suspension); Retroviral gene transduction in human and mouse cell lines; Transfection; Flow Cytometry.


ELISA; Leukocytes purification from the peripheral blood; Isolation of lymphoid and myeloid cell populations with magnetic beads, Immunofluorescence Microscopy; Immunofluorescence and FACS Canto analysis.


– European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)
– Bioinformatics (Clustal W, BLAST, FlowJo, Graphpad Prism, Wallac 1420 Workstation software). – Database Management System: FertiLab Manager.



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IRCCS- San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit, Milan, Italy.

Sapienza- University of Rome, Biology and Biotechnology “Charles Darwin” Department, Rome, Italy.