Our Key highlights


Patient centeredness, support and care

The aim of the GENERA group is to offer the best available treatment, conscientiously supporting patients on their way to a safe pregnancy. All the policies adopted by the GENERA group are based on 5 concepts: safety, timeliness, efficiency, equity and patient centeredness. In the choice of therapeutic approach to adopt, particular attention is paid to the needs and values of individual patients which, together with the clinical indications, represent the foundation for the definition of the best therapeutic approach to choose.

Transparent, objective and evidence-based counselling

Each couple afferent to the Genera group will be able to choose one of the  clinicians of the GENERA team for the diagnostic framework and the definition of the most suitable therapeutic approach. This doctor will represent a constant reference point that will closely follow the evolution of the entire programme and will be constantly available to share any doubts or requests with the couple.

The couple will be provided with objective and transparent counselling based on the available scientific evidence, as well as on the past clinical experience of the centre, aimed at illustrating the realistic chances of success, the risks and the limits of each procedure and at guiding the patients towards a reasoned and conscious choice.

Internal multidisciplinary pathway

Our patients can benefit from a highly structured poly-specialist pathway, aimed at the most accurate diagnostic assessment. Several specialists (Geneticist, Endocrinologist, Nutritionist, Psychologist) operate in a synergistic way in order to offer a complete and personalized support to the couple wishing to achieve a pregnancy.

A coordination and supervision function of all the activities performed by the Genera group, aimed not only at the analysis and discussion of individual clinical cases, but also at the definition of new clinical strategies and the maintenance of high standards of quality and safety, is constantly carried out by the clinical director of the center, Dr. Filippo Maria Ubaldi.

Patient’s and newborn’s safety

The preservation of the safety of women and the newborn is a primary objective and the foundation of the entire policy of the GENERA Group. All the clinical strategies adopted aim to achieve high efficacy in terms of cumulative clinical results and proven safety in terms of minimizing the risks related to an IVF treatment. In this regard, personalized ovarian stimulation strategies are developed in order to maximize the ovarian yield of each patient and therefore the number of oocytes available to the couple for each treatment cycle and to minimize at the same time any risk of the onset of ovarian hyperstimulation syndromes. For each individual case, specific embryo transfer policies are also defined, aimed at identifying the most suitable time for the transfer and simultaneously reducing the risk of multiple gestations and/or abortion.

Validated technologies to preserve IVF efficacy

The most modern equipment and laboratory technologies implemented are aimed at creating an ideal environment that supports embryo viability in the first delicate stages of pre-implantation development.

The adoption of consolidated embryo selection strategies, such as the prolongation of embryo culture up to the blastocyst stage and embryo biopsy at the blastocyst stage (for the evaluation of embryo viability and chromosomal structure, respectively) , supported by the implementation of an efficient cryopreservation program (based on the use of vitrification that ensures the maintenance of the relevant developmental competence), allows to maximize the efficacy and efficiency of the treatments offered by the GENERA group.

Continuous traceability for all phases of the process

All Genera Group laboratories have adopted modern, fully automated systems for the identification and continuous traceability of samples during all stages of treatment. These systems are based on the use of electronic tags that identify and track  gametes and embryos during the entire process and ensure traceability for all phases of the process.

Rigorous scientific methodology

The GENERA Group promotes research and progress in reproductive medicine through a rigorous scientific methodology. Each new technology, device, strategy or approach is implemented only after careful clinical validation. The specialists of the GENERA Group adopt a critical, but at the same time constructive attitude towards each new innovation, aimed at testing the clinical validity of the aforementioned innovation. Over the years, this approach has been applied to various topics and has led to the validation of the most important strategies adopted by the group in the clinical practice and publication in international journals.

Standardization and reproducibility

Standardization and reproducibility and monitoring of operators’ performance is one of the crucial aspects of the GENERA Group’s policy. All operators follow precise procedural guidelines shared between the centers and fulfill the internal performance indicators.  The reproducibility of the strategies and/or protocols adopted within the GENERA centers confirms the reliability of our protocols and consolidates our role as pioneers in reproductive medicine.

Active network of national and international collaborations

The GENERA group is the promoter of an active network of national and international collaborations, aimed at supporting the evolution of reproductive medicine. Many members of the GENERA GROUP hold prestigious roles in national and international scientific societies and are associate editors of various journals in the field of reproductive medicine. The Group is also actively involved in the organization of Academic Courses or University Masters and a particular attention is paid to academic research, which is the main source of information for the validation of existing clinical evidence or the construction of new ones.