Safe IVF treatments for woman and new-born child


The care for the health of women and the new-born child is a primary goal and the foundation of the GENERA Group’s entire policy.

All the clinical strategies adopted are focused on the achievement of the birth of a child, but are also aimed at ensuring proven safety and minimizing the risks related to PMA treatments.

Safe ovarian stimulation

Customized ovarian stimulation strategies are developed to maximize the ovarian yield of each patient and, therefore, the number of oocytes available to the couple for each treatment cycle and to minimize at the same time any risk of onset of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). It should be noted that today there are pharmacological strategies (use of GnRH agonists, as choice for ovulation induction) combined with the adoption of the “freeze all” policy (which entails cryopreservation of gametes and embryos obtained in the fresh cycle and embryo transfer on deferred cycle) that allow to reduce significantly the risk of onset of this complication.

Safe pregnancy

The Genera group systematically adopts single embryo transfer policies at a time in order to minimise the risks associated with the onset of multiple pregnancies.  Multiple pregnancies are, in fact, the most important risk factor linked to PMA treatments (pre-term delivery, underweight babies). Specific embryo transfer policies are defined for each couple, aimed at identifying the most suitable time for the transfer and the choice of the embryo with the highest probability of implantation. Our data show how we have managed to improve obstetric outcomes that are significantly better than the national average.

Reduced risk of pregnancy loss

The implementation in our laboratories of sophisticated procedures such as pre-implantation genetic testing, aimed at acquiring information on the genetic constitution of the embryo, allows us to increase our power of prediction of embryo developmental competence and allows us to identify the embryo with the highest probability of implantation and the lowest risk of generating an abortion after the transfer.

Reliable gametes and embryos traceability

The reliability of the treatments carried out by the Genera group is also guaranteed by the adoption of advanced, fully automated instruments for the continuous identification of samples. These systems are based on the use of electronic chips that identify the belonging of gametes and embryos to the respective couple during the entire process and guarantee maximum security and traceability for all phases of the process.