Psychology Counseling

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The will to become pregnant embraces different physical and emotional aspects and it is an opportunity of growth for the couple.

GENERA psychologists Dr Federica Faustini and Dr Marina Forte, offer couples or  individuals, personal support during all stages:

  • At the time of pick up
    The purpose of the counseling is to offer couples the possibility to express their feelings,   share questions, doubts, fears and anxieties in orderto be reassuredto improve their emotional state and to reduce any forms of discomfort or stress.
  • At the time of embryo transfer
    The psychologists provide support so couples can express their mood and expectations on the outcome of the treatment. In addition, for those who require it   the psychologists  are available for more structured conversations for the following purposes:
  • Stress reduction
  • Maintenance or recovery of harmony and stability in the couple;
  • Reduction of the levels of anxiety by learning specific coping strategies;
  • Increase of psycho-physical well-being.

The psychological evaluation of patients who resort to the donation of gametes for obtaining a pregnancy is also provided.

In addition, the GENERA Center offers the possibility to participate in group therapy sessions to help manage and reduce anxiety, doubts and concerns in the effort to become parents. The purpose is to be able to cope with IVF with greater awareness of the emotional and cognitive dynamics that generally characterize it and to be able to learn new ways to react to potential difficulties. For more information on the group therapy sessions and to know the dates of the next meetings, contact the Secretary’s Office.