Technology and safety at the GENERA laboratory

Technology and safety at the GENERA laboratory

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GENERA is the first IVF center in Italy to use an automated system for the continuous identification and traceability of cells since 2012.

The fully automated system used is the most modern and safest currently available in the world and it has proven to eliminate the risk of human error.

Each tube that comes into contact with the gametes first and then with the embryos is labeled with an electronic chip that identifies to whom it belongs over the whole process. In addition, couples receive an electronic card at the time of oocyte pick-up, which must be kept throughout the IVF procedure. On the day of embryo transfer, the couple returns the card that is inserted in a dedicated electronic reader in the operating theatretheatre; it allows the automatic identification of the patient and of her embryos. Every critical step (first assignment of samples) is always, however, validated also by a human witness.

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