The use of ovarian reserve markers in IVF clinical practice: a national consensus

Antonio La Marca, Anna Pia Ferraretti, Roberto Palermo, and Filippo M. Ubaldi

Received 26 July 2015, Accepted 29 September 2015, Published online 3 November 2015


ABSTRACT: Ovarian reserve markers have been documented to perform very well in the clinical practice. While this is widely recognized, still now there is no consensus on how to use new biomarkers in the clinical practice. This study was conducted among Italian IVF centres using the Delphi technique, a validated consensus-building process. Briefly three consecutive questionnaires were developed for clinicians in charge of IVF centres. In the first rounds, participants were asked to rate the importance of a list of statements regarding the categorization of ovarian response and the diagnostic role of biomarkers. In round 3, participants were asked to rate their agreement and consensus on the list of statements derived from the first two rounds. There were 120 respondents. Consensus was achieved for many points: (a) poor ovarian response is predicted on the basis of the following: AMH51 ng/ml or AFC57, FSH